Ray-Ban Hub

Located in SoHo, Manhattan, the Ray-Ban Hub is the first official Ray-Ban retail space in North America. Yours Truly was invited to orchestrate the store opening in NYC as well as develop and curate cultural in-store experiences during 2015/2016.

Get Creative at 116 Wooster.

We worked with Nicolas Menard to bring the location to life and celebrate the opening of the retail space. The short film was projected on walls throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn as a part of the OOH campaign.

Icon Tables

The rich history of SoHo and Manhattan are illuminated in-store with tables referencing iconic and untold stories of NY's past. These stories include LCD Soundsystem’s DFA records, the women of the beat movement, NY’s first graffiti artist (Taki 183), punk rock's left over legends and the birth of disco.

The Ray-Ban Residency

We developed a curatorial program working with musicians and artists to showcase music, art and food inspired by themes around Ray-Ban’s monthly brand campaigns.

Our launch month for ‘Havanamas’ curated by cuban-born Ibeyi.

Illustrations by Stevie Gee.

Brandon Stosuy curating a month of events celebrating the Metal collection.