Ray-Ban: Music Curation

Since 2013, Yours Truly has shaped the sound of the iconic eye-wear brand.

Never Hide Noise Soundcloud

We launched Ray-Ban's "Never Hide Noise" Soundcloud channel by creating weekly mixes and artwork designed from global languages.

Rewind Ray-Ban

In 2014 and 2015, Yours Truly curated, licensed, and designed 7 physical mixtapes that aligned thematically with the global brand campaign.

"Ray-Ban Rewind" mixtapes are made available online, in the App Store, and via physical copies passed out at music festivals around the world. Below mixtapes designed by Gents Agency and music curated by Yours Truly Creative.


Jamie Lidell x The QKidz

YT told the story of Jamie Lidell's unlikely collaboration with Cincinatti dance troupe, The QKidz, as part of Ray-Ban's "Celebrate Brooklyn" concert series.