Ray-Ban: Never Hide Films

Launching Ray-Ban's first ever endeavor into narrative shorts, Yours Truly created a series of short films written by emerging directors and scored by musicians.



Ghosting is a playful look at a world where the ghosts of our past relationships walk amongst us. Following a spirited young woman as she tries to disappear from a sweetheart's world, Ghosting looks at what happens when the past comes calling. Directed by Kim Sherman and Music by Hundred Waters.


Color Guard

It all starts with a bedtime story ­­something we all know well. And it ends with a message that’s adjacent to the mystery of Inception ­ ­ something many of us still can’t quite wrap our minds around . ‘Color Guard,’ the latest short film from Ray­Ban’s Never Hide Films, tells the story of a precocious little girl and her equally mischievous uncle, and the tale that’s shared between them. The premise centers around a different world where certain unlucky individuals are unable to see color, and consequently become hardened and impervious to the joys of life. This might sound a tad bit familiar to stories you’ve heard before, but rest assured, you haven’t heard this version just yet. Featuring direction by James Alexander Warren and music by Kamasi Washington, the latest installment in the #campaign4change film series takes us into a universe where all that glitters could be gold ­­ or maybe not?



‘Glue,’ the latest short from Ray-Ban's Never Hide Films, is a tongue-in-cheek take on the ubiquitous phenomenon that we’re all aware of, and probably guilty of: Technology addiction. The latest installment in the #campaign4change film series, ‘Glue’ wastes no time in holding a mirror up to modern-day society and the dirty habits we’re all too familiar with. With a setting and visual approach straight out of the ‘90s, the short gives us a peek into an alternate universe where we literally break free from our devices. Featuring direction by Bo Mirosseni and music by Anderson .Paak, ‘Glue’ pokes fun at rom-com movies past and technology addicts present to get to the heart of the solution: Going back to nature, and ultimately, each other.


Albert The Dog

Love is strange. But who says that’s a bad thing? “Albert the Dog,” starring Edgar Fox, Lindsay Burdge, & Marie Aimee Laurence is the 4th film in our series with Ray-Ban for their ‪#‎campaign4change.‬ The film shows us while love can’t be perfect, it can be yours. Directed by Pensacola & Music by Giraffage.



Matty Cardarople (Selfie, Jurassic World), and Jenny O’Hara (Mystic River) star in “Martha,” the second installment of Ray-Ban’s new series of narrative shorts, screening on Never Hide Films Youtube. For “Martha,” director Sam Benanati worked with acclaimed singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow to craft an arresting score that gave “Martha” the edge she needed to convince Sam she was “a person to get to know” and not just another old lady.

Stories From Those Jungle Books

Celebrate the small things. Celebrate the big things. The third film in the #Campaign4Change series. Directed by Fan & Tom & Music by Forest Swords/Matthew Barnes.


Saturday Night Cosmic Breakdown

Our first film in the series titled “Saturday Night Comsic Breakdown” written and directed by Danny Sangra. Music by Terrace Martin and LoveDragon. Produced with our good friends at Alldayeveryday.

As part of our launch strategy we partnered with our good friends at BOOOOOOOM to help curate film posters that would be released before the films went live. Poster created by Andrea Wan.