Ray-Ban: Festival Activation

Ray-Ban approached Yours Truly to design and execute a "blue-sky" festival activation at Treasure Island Music Festival. We took the blue part to heart.

The Treasure Island festival is great, but traveling to an island by bus is not. So in 2013, Yours Truly and Ray-Ban gave festival-goers the opportunity to visit Treasure Island the way they did when it first opened in 1939, by sea.

Music festival fans love to take photos. At Treasure Island, Ray-Ban rewarded that impulse with custom t-shirts for purposefully creative individuals who added the #neverhideisland hashtag to their instagram posts.

Fans posted over ten thousand #neverhideisland photos and collected over a thousand one thousand t-shirts, customized with those photos from the Ray-Ban tent on-site.

The festival’s best photographers received an additional reward: “Two if By Sea,” a nautical concert experience aboard a vintage sailing vessel featuring intimate performances from festival talent.