Vinyl Me, Please

We worked with record of the month club Vinyl Me, Please to create films and activations around their monthly releases.

The Books - The Lemon of Pink

Directed by Andrew Sales, ALEATORIC tells the story of the Books’ Paul de Jong and Nick Zammuto’s fruitful partnership. Two separate existences come together in split screen–Paul, the “mad scientist” milling around his massive sample library, and Nick, the homesteader, against the sprawling landscape of Vermont. This bittersweet study of their collaboration illustrates how, at one point, these two halves created a perfect and volatile balance.

Tennis - Yours Conditionally

Directed by Babak Khoshnoud, interiors is an abstract album palette meant to emulate surreal and dreamlike experiences that float in and out of performances by Alaina Riley, lead singer of Tennis, for their new album, Yours Conditionally.


Glass Annimals x Tumblr IRL

For VMP's record of the month release for Glass Animals, we partnered with Tumblr to bring to life an episode of their IRL series. Inspiration for the event was taken from the album's cover art, reimagining the characters and creating an immersive experience for fans to interact with the cast while listening to a live performance of the album.

Moses Sumney

To celebrate Moses Sumney’s debut album, Aromanticism, we created an experiential pop-up with artist Chris Kallymer where patrons were invited to create bouquets of flowers meant to hang for no one in particular in a small gallery space. The act of what is generally perceived as a romantic gesture though directed at no one in particular was created as a metaphor for the theme of Moses album.