Who We Are

Creative Director, Founder Babak Khoshnoud (Eyes)

Babak’s mission is to invent ways for bands and brands to comfortably exist—and excel—in the same space. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a former creative at IDEO and Eleven, he brings years of experience across multiple disciplines to the combination of youth culture and forward-thinking art.

He is fascinated by how we see things and what we see in them. “When I saw Michael Jackson dance for the first time I couldn’t stop looking at him. His presence, that iconic form of heroism—chasing those moments has become my addiction.” Inspired by everything from the eclectic work of Mike Mills to the lyrical, languid narratives of the Iranian movies he grew up with, he’s constantly applying his creative lens to new formats and media. It’s his refusal to play by the rules and a hunger for newness that keeps him moving: that whole notion of not knowing if it's gonna work. “The moment we figure that out, we’ll become really boring.”

It might also be worth noting that, despite his addiction to Tea Tree Therapy Mint Toothpicks, he’s not an asshole.

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Executive Producer, Founder Will Abramson (Ears)

Will has spent all his days championing the art that deserves to be celebrated. Whether it’s selecting records on college radio or working with Pitchfork, BuzzMedia and Yahoo; printing up fanzines on the Bay Area’s oddball hip-hop scene or developing the trailblazing “Keys to the City” series for Imeem (think: hanging out with rappers at home back when the word "content" meant happy) his focus has always been on sharing his discoveries and enabling artists to put their best foot forward.

This idea has become the DNA of all things Yours Truly. “We want to help people fall in love with new music and to get its creators to the next step. To see them succeed is what ultimately drives us.” To that end he’s guided artists through the ever-baffling battle for attention known as the Internet. Ask Chet Faker, ask Lee Fields, ask Little Dragon—Will’s heart is where he wants the mainstream to move.

And, by the way, in case you ever wondered who the underage kid was at that show: it was Will. Just don’t tell his parents he never actually went camping after all.

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